Countdown to Singapore: 6 months!

2012 came and went, and now that 2013 is here we are finally starting the real process of slowly getting ready for our move. The HR team at SAS has made it really easy to begin the transition with monthly e-mails detailing certain aspects of the move and great people on their staff to help out with paperwork and any questions we have.

The most recent thing we have had to do this month is fill out our application for our work visa for the Ministry of Manpower, which reminds me something out of Harry Potter or 1984. I’ve never been to Singapore, but I’m sure it’s probably a mixture of both those movies.

Daniel and I have really been enjoying our friends and family here in Austin while we can. This past weekend we celebrated Daniel’s 30th birthday with some of our closest friends at a great place called The Goodnight. Image






Papi and Momma Gach came down to spend it with us, and along with that came a whole new wardrobe and dinner at a fantastic Thai restaurant called Sway that got me even more excited for Asia. What’s something to get us even more excited that is happening in less than 2 weeks is our trip to Guatemala with some of our best friends Marion and Russell! 


One thought on “Countdown to Singapore: 6 months!

  1. hiya! i saw your post on the singapore expat forum about hot yoga in singapore. i’m also from atx (currently living in london) and moving to singapore in April! not sure what type of hot yoga you do…but if its bikram, City Hall has a fantastic studio! maybe we can meet up once you’ve moved there! best of luck, jean

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