SSB – Secret Singapore Behavior

For all of you fans of “Sex and the City”, I don’t need to really need to elaborate on the meaning of SSB. But for the rest of you who were not worshipping at the shrine of Carrie Bradshaw for most of the early 2000’s, SSB stands for Secret Single Behavior-those pleasurable rituals and habits you enjoyed as a single woman, but now have to save for when your partner is working late or out with their friends for the evening. My personal favorite SSB is hanging out in a mumu and watching Lifetime movies all day and letting myself be enthralled by the stories of women. Anorexia-I’m there. Cheating husband-yes. I’m sleeping with my teenage son’s best friend-SIGN ME UP.

ImageAbove: Just another Saturday engaging in my favorite SSB.

Lately, my new SSBs have to do with all things Singapore-apartment hunting on PropertyGuru, more specifically. Since the moment I put in my application for the Singapore American School to when my students are driving me crazy at school, cruising around on Property Guru is my favorite escape. You can put in your preferred area to live, how much you want to pay, number of rooms, etc. and then search to your heart’s content. It truly is like House Hunters International every day and I am addicted. 


At one point, my addiction got so bad I literally had to restrict myself for an entire month to only getting on Property Guru on the weekends because the thrill I got from apartment hunting could only be matched by going to my favorite frozen yogurt place, YOGERTZ. 

I know, I know: HOW am I not the next person to have their own show on Bravo with my crazy life?

As we get closer and closer to July, I only know my SSB will only increase to OCD levels and I. CANNOT. WAIT. 


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