Moving blues

I can hardly believe that we are down to less than 60 days until we finally board that plane to Singapore. Things are definitely starting to pick up speed between school ending (FINALLY) and finalizing the renting of our condo. It’s really easy to only focus on the amazing opportunity that is ahead, but lately I have had to deal with the fact that I will be missing a lot wonderful events here in the U.S. while I’m gone. I am not someone who gets sad very easily, but the thought of not being around to share the following experiences with my best friends makes for one heavy heart.

1. The long-awaited arrival of one Miss Cora M. Bautista


Can’t wait for these crazy kids to become MAMI y PAPI

2. The 2 wedding events of 2013 & 2014 of my BFFLs Emily Jo and J. Flo:


Emily Jo invoking the spirit of Willow Smith with the secret act known as “hair whipping”


Probably one of my favorite pictures I’ve ever taken with one of my favorite human beings, J. FLO

The one comfort I have is that I know that we will have so many more memories and times to share in the years to come (HONEYMOON/VACAY IN SINGAPORE ANYONE?) and that no matter what the distance I will always feel close to all of my friends, not just Lulu, Emily and Jenn. I guess it’s because I know most people don’t have nearly half the luck I do with the life-long friends that I have made, and the thought that I won’t be around to see Emily and Jenn get married and to participate in little Cora’s first years just makes me feel gutted.

So, while I can’t really say or do anything to change the fact that I will be gone, I do want my beautiful family and friends to know that they are in my heart now more than ever now that I am leaving the States. You people aren’t going to make leaving easy, trust me.



One thought on “Moving blues

  1. I missed this post somehow, and now it makes me even more sad that I can’t run over to your house and hold onto your ankles to keep you from leaving 😦 we love you!! And don’t worry, I will make sure Cora knows ALL about her Titi Ana!!

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