The Juxtaposition of Need

Trying my hand at a first time post.  I am Dan, the husband and not half the writer/blogger my wife is so I will probably post much less frequently, but hopefully add another perspective and layer to the Great Gaches blog!

As we rapidly approach our departure date from Austin, and eventually the US, I have had one of those rare opportunities to take stock in my life and have the chance to look through my personal possessions and decide what do we actually NEED over in Singapore.  As we went through inventory on furniture, clothes, kitchenware, etc, I was amazed with how much we had that was so easily jettisoned.  I am not someone who will ever take the deep philosophical approach of “ridding yourself of your earthly possessions” (because frankly I just really like some of my DVDs) but as we sent piles of clothes to the salvation army and sold tons of appliances and furniture on Craigslist I did get an overwhelming feeling of satisfaction to streamline and simply my life by cutting the excess.  Our condo here in Austin is much emptier now, but it feels good.  Not to be too mushy, but the thing I know I NEED over there is the lady that started this blog, the rest is truly just “stuff”.

Now onto the reason for the title of this post.  Having just talked about the cathartic feeling of releasing myself of so many earthly possessions,  Ana and I just spent yesterday in Costco taking the advice of a super helpful future teammate of mine at SAS and stocking up on things we will need for the year.  Things like soap, toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner, and all the items you use in your daily life(true essentials), we were encouraged to buy stateside because of the lack of certain brands and the incredible cost of things in Singapore.  Well NINE HUNDRED dollars later, I guess you just can’t avoid needing some things in life 🙂  It was humbling to see it laid out like that in front of you.  We you go on a weekly basis to your local grocery store you don’t think about dropping $5, $10, or $20 on all these different things as they run out at different times, but getting the bill all at once made me realize that even if you don’t NEED certain possessions, life is still plenty expensive!

Well this first one was kind of fun to write!  Hope to get some more out as we start our travels.


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