Nǐ hǎo, Singapore-lah!

Hello! We are in Singapore and could not be happier. Since I have so much to share, I will jump right into our experiences from the past couple of weeks complete with animated gifs to really give you the full feel:

Singapore American School was amazing and hooked us with our flight to Singapore. Now, while I cannot wait for our first visitors, I would just like to prepare you for the crazy-long flight that would await all of you. We flew from Austin to Minneapolis (3 hours and an AMAZING airport), Minneapolis to Tokyo (12 hours), and then Tokyo to Singapore (7 hours). The first 2 legs did not bother me so much, it was more the last 7 hours that I wanted to cry. The one great thing was that I had moved our seats to the exit aisle where there was a ton of space for people to get up and stretch and I met lots of other teachers which made the the time pass a little faster.

Happy 28th birthday to me. I don't always look this awesome and cross-eyed.

Happy 28th birthday to me. I don’t always look this awesome and cross-eyed.

Me when we finally landed at 3 a.m. in Singapore

Me when we finally landed at 3 a.m. in Singapore

We have now been staying in The York hotel during the past days, which is off the infamous Orchard Road. Here is a picture of Dan and I first seeing Orchard Road when we arrived in Singapore:


What I have come to learn that mega malls are to Asians as mega gyms are to Americans. They are EVERYWHERE here, and everyone really enjoys them. You really could spend an entire day inside one of these malls and never have to step foot outside for anything. People watching is also prime so know I’m all over that.

So far I have really loved every minute in Singapore. And yes, it is as hot and sticky as you think, but I’d take that any day over cold weather. The people have been really friendly too so far, although the accent has been a little tricky getting used to. This is usually me and Dan trying to understand a Singaporean speak:


We have also made wonderful new friends here and have finally gotten to meet up with friends made in the past couple of months online through this blog. I can’t wait for what the next couple of months bring us with getting to know our new neighborhood and school and Singapore. I’m sure my husband has a blog ready to take over this one, but I just wanted to put my 2 cents in. Next post will be about the house hunting process and our new home, which we move into next Tuesday! Can’t wait!

First MRT ride with our pal Mary Kate!

First MRT ride with our pal Mary Kate!


4 thoughts on “Nǐ hǎo, Singapore-lah!

  1. I love following your journey it makes me feel that I am living it with you. OH to be young again!
    I hope all of your days will be filled with such excitement and joy. Gma

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