Cause there’s beauty in the breakdown

Today marks our second week in Singapore and it already feels like a lifetime has passed by. We are finally settled into our new place and are trying to make it our home as much as we can with the little we have. Relocating anywhere is a tedious and stressful process no matter where you live, but even with the all the moving I have done in my life nothing compares to the utter loss of control I have felt since moving to Singapore.

To date, I have had 3 breakdowns in the past 5 days alone that have probably made Daniel fear fatherhood since I basically reverted to someone with the emotional maturity of a 2-year-old. They are as follows:

1)   In the self-service furniture section of Ikea, where I stood in a corner holding a loaded dolly and screaming about how much I hate Ikea and moving and nobody can help me. Daniel stood a safe distance away (pretty much the other end of the aisle) and calmed me down like a hostage negotiator dealing with a crazy bomber. Here is a scene from that day:


2)   At school, where I stood in my classroom and freaked out about how I didn’t know if I was good enough to teach there and do what was asked of me while the nice SAS facilities people came in and surveyed the room for repairs and painting. I am 99% sure I made the BEST first impression on them.

Freaking out 1

3)   At home, after I forgot to swipe out of the bus going to Mustafa Centre. This one really took the cake because I wailed for a full 15 minutes about how I was wasting money over stupid mistakes and what if the bus charges me $50 for that bus ride, I’ll never take the bus again, etc. You people get the drift. I finally broke Dan with this one because he (rightfully) called me crazy and then called SMRT to see what would happen if you forget to swipe out so I would calm down. Guess what? I only was charged a dollar.

Pretty can't cure crazy, this I have learned Santana.

EXACTLY what I did for 15 minutes.

One thing that I wish I was told before I moved here was that you can plan, pack, and do all the preparing in the world before relocating and it will help out absolutely nothing. The universe will laugh and teach you your lesson. Asia in an incredibly efficient place where things that would take lifetimes in the States are done in mere minutes, but then stuff like getting your Internet set up involves a 2-week wait. We were tremendously lucky in getting our place before school, but due to a perfect storm of a late shipment, 2 national holidays, and a school function, we will not be getting our things until August 17th.  Ikea will deliver happily in 2 days, but it must be from 10am-2pm and oh, if you want them to put it together for you it will be a 10 day-long wait and you’ll have to pay for them to keep it in storage because your things are taking up space in their warehouse. Normally I would put Ikea furniture together but that would require tools that ARE IN MY SHIPMENT and honestly, I don’t think Daniel wants me anywhere near sharp objects and an Ikea instruction guide. The man knows me well.

The craziest part about all of this is that I am HAPPY these things are happening. They are humbling, comical, informative and eye opening to how much I don’t have a clue how the world works and how much I need to change in so many ways. Before I left my family in the States, they would ask me what I was most excited about moving to Singapore and I would say, “Oooooooh, I just want to be challenged as a person and grow.” and do this:

You would want the universe to kick my ass too.

You would want the universe to kick my ass too.

Clearly, the world (and probably my family) thought NO SHIT and got that growth process started ASAP so I would shut my mouth and actually start changing. So fear not familia y amigos, I will keep you posted on my daily breakthroughs this year. Until then, here is what I wish I would have found at Ikea:

I will find you, Ikea Monkey.

I will find you, Ikea Monkey.


10 thoughts on “Cause there’s beauty in the breakdown

  1. Chill…I had similar problems when I moved overseas…BUT…I was 7 months pregnant and needed to find an English-speaking OBGYN on top of all that other shit! I still had fun and would not have traded anything for the world.

  2. I hope everything starts to work out soon, i really love your blog and all of this is helping me formulate some plan for our move (which probably won’t go the way i want it), but your blog is so informative, and hey-we all have days like that, at least you have a reason!

  3. Love your posts! We are planning our move soon as well and I am taking notes…new one, don’t forget to swipe as you leave the bus. Thanks! Good luck with your challenges!

  4. You know, when you get really stressed out like that and you need to relax, just pop in that CD we got from the rock-dwelling, R&B singing dwarf in Central Park! Yeah, you took the CD with the nerdy-looking photo on the front, don’t lie! I never even got to hear one song…

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