Month 2 Recap

It has been quite awhile since I have taken the time to update our blog, so here are just some more experiences of our month here.

After almost 2 weeks of living in a hotel, and then another 2 of living in an apartment with barely any furniture and 3 weeks of no Internet, I can safely say that Daniel and I are starting to get settled in our new home. We live in an awesome neighborhood called Dhoby Ghaut that is really in the heart of downtown. I know a lot of you saw the 1st part of the grand tour on Facebook, but for those of you that didn’t, you can check it out below:

Our home looks much more homier and cozy after our shipment came in, but we still have some items to get to really make the home complete. After we get those final pieces, I’ll film another video. School has gotten incredibly busy to say the least, but Daniel and I feel very fortunate to work at such a wonderful school with even more wonderful coworkers.


Living without a car has also has been going smoothly. I guess after spending so many years driving a car, it’s pretty nice to not worry car payments, gas, traffic, etc. anymore. I literally just walk to either the MRT or bus and let it take me on my way. There is truly amazing people watching to be had on public transportation no matter where you are.


I don’t think I was very honest with myself about how much I was going to miss my family and friends. I assumed that because I have lived away and on my own for so long, moving halfway around the world would be no big deal. WRONG. I actually miss everyone more than ever because I want to share every little thing I see, smell, taste, see, and hear with them and a text message, email, or blog really doesn’t do it justice.

Besides that, I also really miss very specific things about the States like Target, pumpkin spice lattes and buying fall decorations at Target while drinking a pumpkin spice latte. Never take those $1-$4 bins in the front of Target when you walk in for granted, people-NEVER. Apparently though the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf has pumpkin spice lattes here, so I will be investigating very soon and let you know what I find.


Down the street where Dan and I live is a building called the Peace Centre. Here you can find a hawker center at on the first floor, and then the rest of the building is make up of KTVs (karaoke clubs) where people go to drink, sing, and close business deals. But the reason I am most obsessed with the Peace Centre is because in and around this building I have seen some of the most beautiful Asian women I have encountered in all of Singapore.

For the first 3 weeks of us living in our neighborhood, I would stare in awe at these perfect girls trotting down the hill in their 5-in high heels and designer outfits into the Peace Centre and wonder why the heck they were doing in there. Well, it didn’t take me long to figure out that they were ladies of the night when I would see them leaving or being dropped off in some crazy expensive car at 6 a.m when I was on my to the train station for school. It all actually is really quite safe and I’m still investigating to figure out how it works, so I will keep you all updated.

That’s all for now! More to come later from Daniel, I assume. ¡Besos desde Singapur! 🙂


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