Singapore Day Date: Gardens by the Bay

Since moving to Singapore, Daniel and I started up a new thing where we plan secret dates for each other every other week to explore our new home. It has been one of my favorite parts about moving here, and I actually regret never doing it in Austin. So far our secret dates have been to a fantastic seafood restaurant (Red House) that serves chili crab and a trip to Little India for an authentic Indian meal and a Bollywood movie.

Chili crab for all!

Chili crab for all!

This past Saturday, I took Dan on a trip to the Gardens by the Bay, a gorgeous “garden city” that opened up in late 2011 by the famous Marina Bay Sands. We started bright and early at around 10 a.m. because I knew we were going to spend a good part of the day walking outside. Turns out it is actually quite cooler by the water, but also much more humid so either way you’re sweating. Always.

We took the MRT down to the Gardens by the Bay and started our adventure at the SuperTree park where “11 trees are embedded with environmentally sustainable functions like photovoltaic cells to harvest solar energy.” Sounds fancy right? IT IS! And the trees are MASSIVE, you literally feel like a worm looking up at them. Dan and I decided to indulge ourselves and pay the $5 to cross the Skywalk suspension bridge from tree to tree. I am really glad we ended up doing it because we got some great photos in front of the Marina Bay Sands.




A very sweet Japanese tourist helped us out with some of our photos, but apparently had never used an iPhone to take photos because she managed to take 20 photos of herself, like this:


After the SuperTrees, we walked to the Cloud Forest, a re-created mountain biome with the world’s tallest indoor waterfall. This was by far our favorite part of the Gardens by the Bay. Walking inside was surprising because you are instantly blasted with 68 degree cool, moist air and the smell of greenery and flowers. You would walk all the way to the top of the mountain and learn about a cloud forest habitat as you go. Here are some photos from inside:


All is missing is a pumpkin spice latte and a scarf, and I would be in Seattle.




IMG_0029 IMG_0028

After the Cloud Forest, we walked across to the Flower Dome. Very pretty, but not as impressive at the Cloud Forest. They had beautiful flowers and still had decorations up for the Mid-Autumn Festival.

IMG_0033 IMG_0032

After our trip time at the Gardens by the Bay, we ventured into the Marina Bay Sands and finished our date with the National Geographic Greatest 50 Photos exhibit. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys beautiful photography, it definitely surpassed expectations. It was a fantastic day and can’t wait for what Dan has up his sleeve for the next secret Singapore date! Until next time, familia y amigos!



3 thoughts on “Singapore Day Date: Gardens by the Bay

  1. Chilli crab! Yummy ! Looks like you had a great time 🙂 I love gardens by the bay. It feels like a different world altogether .

    Nice post 🙂

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