Bali Break: Turtle Island and Uluwatu

On our last full day in Bali, we decided we wanted to do something with water. Scuba diving is a huge activity to do, but none of us are certified so we opted for snorkeling. Luckily, we were next to a business that offers all kind of wonderful water activities like snorkeling, parasailing, trips on banana boats and jet skiing. We taken out to sea in a glass bottom boat and had an hour to snorkel and see the underwater sights. The water was actually pretty choppy, but we were all able to see tons of fish and have them swim around us. I felt like I was peeking into the world of Finding Nemo and can’t wait to try it on our next trip.

IMG_2404 IMG_2407 IMG_2406

After our snorkel time, we were taking to a place called Turtle Island. To be more honest, it was more like a sad little zoo where they had tons of turtles, snakes and birds living. We did get to touch and hold lots of animals, which isn’t an experience you would get in the States. My favorite was holding the turtles, which moved around like crazy, and seeing the itty bitty 2 day old baby turtles swimming around. Holding a snake was not a part of my plans, but it was a fun experience as well.

 IMG_2409 IMG_2410 IMG_2411 IMG_2412 IMG_2414 IMG_2420 IMG_2421 IMG_2424 IMG_2429 IMG_2434 IMG_2437

Afterwards, we headed back and enjoyed a leisurely lunch and nap before heading off to our final mini-excursion of the week. I have always wanted to see Balinese dancers, so Daniel and I made our trip up to the Uluwatu Monkey Temple. It sits on top of a huge cliff overlooking the Indian Ocean and has some breathtaking views of the sky and sea. The monkeys really do walk around and interact with the visitors there; I saw one monkey go right up to a woman who was sitting down and begin digging into her purse! I wanted to remind these people that monkeys were the cause of the deadly virus in “Outbreak”, but decided to keep my warnings to myself this time.

IMG_2440 IMG_2441 IMG_2444 IMG_2445 IMG_2447

The Balinese dancing show was literally held on the top of a cliff where you could watch the sun set while the talented dancers performed a beautiful story. The Balinese dancers train for years and years to perfect the minute movements and expressions that tell each story, and they danced to the music being made by a group of at least 50 men doing a “chat-chat” sound. I made a video to capture a little bit of the dance, but everyone should make it a point to visit this temple on their trip to Bali.




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