I was walking down my street earlier this week when this song came on my iTunes Radio station and suddenly I was overwhelmed with a terrible longing for my family and friends back in the US. Christmas has exploded all over Singapore these past couple of weeks, which makes me beside myself with holiday cheer, but it still hasn’t quite yet produced the same feeling as it does back home. Sometimes I wonder if it ever will.

Maybe I’m just nostalgic because Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year; growing up, my mom made it so special by always trying out new recipes, my aunt (who is practically my sister) and I would watch Little Women when I was in NY for Thanksgiving, and my brother and I would binge on Martinelli’s Apple Cider 24/7. Now I can’t have any of those here, and that is a sad feeling to have.

Don’t get me wrong, Singapore is still in the top 3 best decisions of my life (Right after 1. Marrying Daniel &  2. Becoming a teacher), but it doesn’t mean I have forgotten about what I loved back home. I really believe sometimes it’s good just to let yourself feel that homesickness, and I think expats forget that when things are so wonderful around them. So I will indulge myself by listening to this song and imaging I had a river I could skate on, all the way back home to you.



2 thoughts on “River

  1. This post speaks right to my heart! My husband and I moved to Singapore the day after Thanksgiving and we are definitely feeling the second week, wait-for-the-internet blues. Your posts make me feel like everything will calm down in a few weeks, so thank you!

  2. This post speaks right to my heart, thank you! My husband and I just moved to Singapore (the day after Thanksgiving), and we’re definitely feeling the second-week-waiting-for-internet-blues. I love the idea of surprise dates and now I’m dying to try that chocolate buffet! Thanks for the assurance that a couple more weeks will make this place feel more homey!

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