Singapore Livin’: 6 Month Recap

I can hardly believe that it has been over 6 months since we made our big move to Singapore. To say that it has flown by is an understatement; landing in Singapore for the first time and seeing all of our SAS welcome crew waiting for us at the airport feels like it was last month. Still, between work, travel, and play, Daniel and I have easily made Singapore our home now. I didn’t think I could ever feel this comfortable in another city/home after living in Austin, but the saying really is true-home is wherever the heart is. In my case, it’s wherever I have Daniel….and high-speed Internet. Still, here are the highs and lows from our 6 month adventure so far:

The Highs:

  • Travel: Yes, it is THAT amazing. Between the 2 of us, the Gaches have made it to Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan and the Philippines in these past 6 months and have the Maldives waiting for us in March.
  • Paying off my students loans: Awesome feeling and an accomplishment that could only have been done here; I never thought I would I say I am debt free at 28, but it really happened. I will say that Dan and I have been conscious to not get bit by the “We are rich expat teachers let’s make it rain” bug, which is crucial when it comes to saving money in Singapore.
  • Making new friends and connections: Expats are a wonderful breed of people that are open, interesting and always willing to make a connection no matter how short their time is in Singapore. To me, urban families are such an important part of making a place your home and we are little by little starting to piece ours together.

The Lows:

  • Keeping in contact with family/friends: I’m not going to lie, the job of staying in touch with our family and friends blows. Not the act of speak to everyone in the US when we get a hold of them, it’s the mere task of working with the time difference and busy schedules of everyone back home to try to find time to Skype/Facetime. Texting has been a good way to feel connected, but there is nothing like getting to speak while seeing people’s faces. I know and accept that everyone has their lives to live even if we aren’t around, but it doesn’t make it any easier when you try Facetiming 6 of your family/friends and no one answers.
  • Celebrating Christmas and Thanksgiving without family: Not much to explain here. The week of Thanksgiving was hands-down the most depressed I had been in Singapore, and I spent it crying and listening to the saddest Christmas songs ever. I don’t know if missing holidays with family will get any easier, but I will make sure to prepare myself more next year for the blues just in case.

I am curious to see what the next 4 months bring us before we return to the States in June for a month-long visit. We say it all the time, but we miss everyone back in America tremendously and think about them everyday. I am going to try to be better about posing more everyday thoughts and experiences more often to give all of you a more vivid idea of what it’s like to live in Singapore and experience Southeast Asia. Until the next post!


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